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you had to go and die for god sakes

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2009-10-14 10:51:24
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Why was Edward the confessor called Edward the confessor

To die on a Crusade meant automatic

What was the crisis in the Roman Catholic church in the 1300s

The strongest monarchies in Europe were in France England Spain and

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Q: What was Duke William's plan to win the Battle Of Hastings?
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What was Duke Williams's plan?

His plan was to invade England.

How did William prepare for the Battle of Hastings?

The best thing that William did to prepare for the Battle of Hastings was to rest his troops. He also had a strong battle plan that ultimately sealed his victory.

What were Williams good tactics in the Battle of Hastings?

William had the sense to bring more soldiers than Harold and he made the master plan of pretending to retreat this is how he defeated Harold.

What two things did the English soldiers do best in the battle of hastings?

They had a cunning plan

Why was Harold Godwinson well prepared for the battle of hastings?

because he had every to plan

How was William clever in the Battle of Hastings?

William was clever in his battle plan, which caused Harold to leave his position on a hill and move to a less defensible position where he was defeated.

What was Harold's battle plan during the Battle of Hastings?

He wanted to kill William and let everyone else be free. And so he could be king until he lay on his death bead......... :) oh and he also got his troops to build a shield wall and wait till Williams army tired then they would attackkkk

Harolds mistakes in the Battle of Hastings?

He lost the battle of Hastings because he was not as prepared as William. William had the idea of building a wall of shields and Harold just wasn't as prepared also harolds men had just fought a battle before and was rushing in to fight another.Some of harolds men were killed and injured so he had less men.

What was duke William's plan?

His plan was to invade England.

What are the release dates for The Duke's Plan - 1910?

The Duke's Plan - 1910 was released on: USA: 10 February 1910

What is Levi Bell's plan for deciding who the real Harvey and Williams Wilks are?

he tricks the duke and king into writing their names on paper and then compares their signatures to other letters he had.

What is the difference between a battle plan and planning for battle?

And quick answer is that the "battle plan" is the end result, the product, of planning for a battle.

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