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Nothing was done until the U.S. was drawn into WWII. At that point, the Allies slowly destroyed the Axis powers and eventually marched across Germany. The end of the Holocaust was a bye-product of the Allied victory. None of the Allies did anything specifically aimed at stopping the Holocaust. The U.S. and Britain didn't want to know about the Holocaust. That said, there was no "miracle solution". However, they could have tried to bomb the railways near the extermination camps and could have asked resistance groups to give a high priority to disrupting the Holocaust, for example by stopping trains on their way to Auschwitz and other camps and freeing the prisoners. In reality, stopping the Holocaust didn't figure anywhere on any of the Allies' priorities. Auschwitz III (Monowitz) was bombed by the USAAF because it was producing chemicals, not because of its role in the Holocaust.

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2009-09-24 02:35:38
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Q: What was done to stop the Holocaust?
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No one knew that the Holocaust would happen, not even those in charge of it.

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No one knew that the Holocaust would happen, not even those in charge of it.

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