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They were called Pharaohs

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Q: What were the ancient Egyptian gods called?
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What did ancient Egyptian farmers worship gods?

did ancient egyptian farms worship the gods

What is the name of the Egyptian hieroglyphics?

They are called Egyptian hieroglyphics in modern times. In ancient times, they were called "words of the gods"

What do the Egyptians do to the gods when they died?

The ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses did not die in ancient Egyptian mythology.

How did ancient Egyptian gods become gods?

because they wntd to .

How do you call Egyptian farmers gods?

Egyptian farmers weren't gods in Egyptian mythology; although undoubtedly in ancient Egypt farmers worshiped the Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Who choses the Egyptian gods?

The ancient Egyptians.

What were ancient Egyptian gods believed to be?

there rulers

Who was the leader of the ancient Egyptian gods?


What do ancient Egyptian do for their gods?

they made sacrafices

How did gods protect the Egyptian?

It was believed by the ancient Egyptian people that they were protected with the power as gods and goddesses and of Ma'at.

How many ancient Egyptian gods were there?

over 8700 gods and goddesses! :)

What is the name of the Ancient Egyptian religion where they worshiped many gods?

Ancient Egyptians did not have a term for what we would call "polytheism" since everyone was polytheist at that time. The Egyptians had no concept of monotheism, atheism, or henotheism with which to contrast their belief. As for what they called their religion, they called it "Kemet", which was the Ancient Egyptian word for "Egyptian". To them, there was no distinction between the Egyptian people and the Egyptian religion. Those who worshiped other gods or pantheons in Egypt were simply not Egyptians, but foreigners.

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