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To ration food during wartime.

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Q: What were the wartime ration stamps for?
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What is it called to limit products in wartime?


To limit products during wartime?


How much is a war ration book no 3 with all stamps worth?

all the ration book stamps were worth £30.00.that is one ration book only.

Can someone explain ration stamps for me?

Ration stamps were used to even distribute goods that were in limited supply. Each person in a household was issued a ration book. In addition to paying for the items, the proper ration stamps had to be given to the shopkeepers to get certain things.

What were ration stamps?

A ration stamp or ration card is a stamp or card issued by a government to allow the holder to obtain food or other commodities that are in short supply during wartime or in other emergency situations. Ration stamps were widely used during World War II by both sides after hostilities caused interruption to the normal supply of goods. They were also used after the end of the War while the economies of the belligerents gradually returned to normal.

What is the derivation of the word rasher?

british slang for a ration, from wartime food shortages

How many ration stamps had to be used to buy food?


What is the value of World War 2 ration stamps?


How did they ration food during world war 2?

food stamps

What could you actually buy with ration stamps?

Food, fuel etc.

What is the value of 1942 ration stamps?

Although there are rare stamps, in general WWII food ration stamps in a book of stamps (with some missing) are worth $2 to $5. An absolutely new book of stamps (unsigned) might be worth $10 or more. A book of stamps signed by someone famous would, of course, be worth even more. Loose stamps (not in a book) are generally worthless - a few pennies, if that.

What do ration books look like?

Ration books looked like little notebooks but inside them they're like little letter stamps

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