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The first Nazi Concentration Camps opened in March 1933 (at Dachau and Oranienburg) - long before the start of the Holocaust. Initially, they were mainly for opponents (real and imaginary) of the regime On the whole, Jews were not sent to camps simply for being Jewish till 1938 after the Kristallnact.

The first Nazi Extermination Camp to open was Chelmno, where the first routine mass gassings began on 8 December 1941. There had been some earlier, 'experimental' gassings ... Mass open-air shootings (many on a vast scale) had started in June 1941.

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Q: When did the Nazi Concentration Camps begin?
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How many Nazi concentration camps are still going?

None. The Nazi concentration camps ceased to function (as Nazi concentration camps) with the defeat of Nazi Germany in May, 1945.

What were the Nazi camps called?

Concentration camps.

What were Nazi prison camps called?

Nazi prison camps were called concentration camps.

When did the Nazi concentration camps start?

The Nazi concentration camps started in March 1933. At that time they were mainly for political opponents, not for Jews.Dachau , one of the first Nazi concentration camps, opened in March 1933

What was the original purpose of the Nazi concentration camps?

Originally, the Nazi concentration camps were used mainly for political oponents of the Nazis.

How many nazi soldiers worked in concentration camps?

About 25,000 worked in the Concentration Camps.

Were any American civilians killed in Nazi Concentration camps?

There werent American CIVILIANS killed in Nazi Concentration camps. Civillians implies that they were not serving. There were American men in the army who were killed in Nazi Concentration camps, but no civilians.

The Nazi's established what?

Ghettos, concentration camps and extermination camps.

What years did the Nazi concentration camps operate?

Concentration camps: 1933-1945. Extermination camps: 1941-1945.

Was there still concentration camps after world war 2?

A few ____ The Nazi camps ceased to function as concentration camps.

What years did concentration camps occur?

Nazi camps opperated through the whole Nazi era, 1933-1945. Other concentration camps have existed for far longer.

How did the British stop concentration camps?

The Allies (including Britain) stopped the Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust by invading and defeating Nazi Germany.

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