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2019 (:

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Q: When was the liberation of the camps during the holocaust?
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What happened at liberation in the Holocaust?

Allied forces liberated camps.

When did the liberation of the holocaust take place?

The Holocaust was not liberated, it is a concept. The victims of the Holocaust were liberated as the military lines passed by the camps where they were held. Dependant on where the camps were, they were liberated in 1944 or 1945.

What were the camps during the Holocaust?

Concentraion camps

Did they have consatration camps in the holocaust?

Concentration camps were very common during and before the Holocaust.

What were the four major concentration camps during the holocaust?

The 4 major Concentration Camps during the Holocaust were:AuschwitzTreblinkaBelzecSobibor

What occurred after the liberation of the death camps when people found out about the Holocaust?

Support for an independent Jewish homeland increased.

What camps were the gas chambers located in during the holocaust what were the names of the camps?

concentration camps.

How many camps were there during the holocaust?

Their was 63 concentration camps and their was 916 subcamps

Who were the prisoners that went to the concetration camps camps?

During the Holocaust, Jews were sent into the concetration camps as prisoners and/or slaves. Other than that, before the Holocaust, Nazis sent enemies to the concetration camps. The extermination camps came into most use during the Holocaust. Before that, it was used for expeirimenting and enemies.

What did the jew's do at the labor camps during the holocaust?


Where were the Jews placed during the Holocaust?

Concentration camps

What area would the Jewish sleep during the Holocaust?

concentration camps or death camps

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