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In Croatia. Serbian forces invaded Croatia, but were defeated.

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2012-02-21 03:29:13
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Q: Where did the Serbia vs Croatia war occur?
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What channel is Croatia vs Serbia playing on March 22 on cogeco?

go to espn 2 i you will see menu hit game and watch

Who did France declare war on in World War 1?

France, Germany, and Britain vs. Russia and Serbia.

Serbia vs Ghana who won?

Ghana 1 Serbia 0.

Who will win match Serbia vs Ghana?

Ghana 1:0 to Ghana, Serbia loses

Who is playing today in the 2010 world cup?

Algeria Vs Slovenia Serbia Vs Ghana Germany Vs Australia

What major events led Britain into World War 1?

well basically: some serbian terroroist group assassinated the prince of austria. this made the austrian king declare war on serbia, so it's 1 against 1 (austria) vs (serbia) then austria decided to get help from germany because they were allies so now it's 2 against 1 (austria vs (serbia) germany) but russia is allies with serbia, and so the russians joined in so now it's even again with 2 against 2 (austria vs (serbia germany) russia) because russia was involved in this war, it meant france had to get involved because they were allies so it's 2 against 3 (austria vs (serbia germany) russia france) now, germany said they were going to attack france, but the french were mates with britain. when germany said they were going to attack france, britain told germany that if they attacked france, britain would attack germany. germany attacked france and that is how britain became involved in the 1st world war.

What European nation were at war during the 1300 and 1400?

Byzantine Seljuk War (1064-1308) - Byzantium vs the Seljuq TurksSpanish Reconquista (1081-1492) -Spanish Christians vs Islamic MoorsWar of the Vespers (1284-1302) - Sicilian Vespers vs AnjouFirst War of Scottish Independence (1296-1328) England vs ScotlandByzantine Ottoman Wars (1301-1453) Byzantium vs the Ottoman TurksFrench Flemish War (1302) Flanders vs FranceFall of Danzig (1308) City of Danzig vs the Teutonic KnightsSwiss War of independence (1315) Switzerland vs AustriaIrish War of independence (1315-1318) Ireland vs EnglandKexholms War (1321-1322) Sweden and NovogorodFlanders Peasant Revolts (1323-1328) Flanders vs Flanders RebelsHungarian Wallachian War (1325-1330) Hungary vs WallachiaPolish Teutonic War (1326-1332) Poland vs Teutonic KnightsSecond War of Scottish Independence (1332-1333) England vs ScotlandBreton War of Succession (1341-1364) House of Blois vs House of MontfertJaquerie Revolt (1358) France vs JaqueriesWar of Eight Saints (1375-1378) Florence vs the Vatican StatesMuscovite Mongol War (1380) Muscovy vs the MongolsPortugal Crisis (1383-1385) Portugal vs CastileOttoman Serbian War (1386-1389) Serbia vs the Ottoman TurksInvasion of Georgia (1386-1404) Georgia vs the Mongols

In the 2010 World Cup what did the Algeria vs Slovenia match and the Ghana vs Serbia match have in common?

Slovenia defeated Algeria 1-0. Ghana defeated Serbia 1-0. Abdelkader Ghezzal (Algeria) and Aleksandar Lukovic (Serbia) received red card and sent off.

Who won the Man of the Match award in the Cameroon vs. Croatia group stage match in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Mario Mandžukić (Croatia) was designated the Man of the Match.

What were the names of the wars between 1950 and 2007?

* First Indo-Pak war, 1947-49 Countries involved: India vs. Pakistan. * Iran, Guatemala andChile, 1953, 1954, 1973 Countries involved: United-States-backed coups in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. * Lebanese Civil War, 1978, 1982 Countries involved: Israel vs. Lebanon. * Croatian War of Independence, 1991-1992 Countries involved: Croatia vs. Yugoslavia. * Border War, 1995 Countries involved: Ecuador vs. Peru. * Kosovo War, 1999 Countries involved: The countries of NATO vs. Yugoslavia. * Fourth Indo-Pak War (Kargil War), 1999Countries involved: India vs. Pakistan. * Israel-Lebanon War, 2006 Countries involved: Israel vs. Lebanon * IraqWar, 2007 Countries involved: Iraq, Afghanistan, America, and Britain. This is from Priyanka Jasraj =D

What were the sides in World War I?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria Vs. Britain, France, Russia (the three major powers), and Serbia, later in the war Romania, Italy and the United States joined and Russia signed a separate peace

World War one was between who?

Russian empire , France , Belguim , Great britian , US , Japan , Serbia vs German empire , Austria - hungray , Italy , Ottoman empire

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