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she ruled from 170 b.c. to 150 b.c.


(170 BCE - 150 BCE)

Statue from Meroë believed to represent Shanakdakheto and a male member of her family giving her royal power.

Shanakhdakheto (Sha-nakh-da-ke-to) was probably the first ruling queen of Kush. Although her family connections are not known, she is sometimes shown in art next to a smaller man. This man raises his arm behind her to touch her crown or the streamers of her crown. Since we sometimes see the god Amun making this same gesture when he gives royal authority to a king, some scholars think that the man behind the queen was a crown prince. They think he may have been either her father or her husband, who died before achieving the throne. The queen might then have taken the throne in his place.

Her name is carved in a ruined temple where the earliest inscriptions in Meroitic hieroglyphic writing are found. Her pyramid at Meroë is one of the largest ever built for a Kushite ruler. It has a unique chapel with two rooms and two pylons. The chapel is among the most elaborately carved of any known. The scenes in the chapel show military campaigns to the south and the capture of numerous cattle and prisoners. Images of the queen show her as very heavy. All Meroitic queens after Shanakdakheto had very large figures, which was not only considered beautiful but also a sign of great wealth and power. Historians think she probably gained power after her father or husband died.

Answer The first women to rule Kush...............
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Q: Who is Queen Shanakhdakheto?
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