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martins dad inspired him ;)

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Q: Who was inspired by Martin luther king?
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What world leader inspired Martin Luther King nonviolent tactics?

martin Luther king was inspired by ghandi

What inspired Martin Luther King Jr to do what he did?

Martin Luther King Jr. was inspired by Gandhi and his nonviolence protests

Who inspired ruby bridges?

Martin Luther King Jr.

Why did Martin Luther inspired Martin Luther King jr?

martin luther king porked women and was fat and sat around

Was Martin Luther King inspired by Mahatma Ghandi?

Yes, Martin Luther king was greatly inspired by Mahatma Ghandi. Martin Luther king studied his non violent peace protest and used them him self>

What inspired Martin Luther King to write his speech?

a dream

Who was martin Luther king inspired?

Dr. Franklin the 3

Who inspired Cesar Chavez?

Martin Luther king and gahndi

Who inspired martin Luther king?

Dr. Franklin the 3

Whose teachings inspired Martin Luther King Jr's philosophy of nonviolence?

Spiritual and political leader Mohandas Gandhi inspired Martin Luther King Jr's philosophy of nonviolence.

Was the name Martin Luther King Jr inspired by the original Martin Luther?

Martin Luther King's real name was actually Michael. He was the son of a Black preacher known at the time only as "Daddy King." In 1935, "Daddy King" was inspired to name himself after the Protestant reformer Martin Luther. He announced to his congregation that in future they were to refer to him as "Martin Luther King" and to his son as "Martin Luther King, Jr." Michael Kingremained Martin Luther King's real name right up to the time he died, as the name change was never made legal.

Who inspired martin Luther king for his peacful protests?

mahat Gandhi

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