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HitlerHe was an awful man but people followed him. People followed him because he was a strong extremist patriot, and this is what Germany thought they needed. they thought that Germany was going to fail under the Weirmar republic and they needed a strong dictator to get them back on their feet. People were also afraid of him, as they knew what he and the Nazi party could do to them. Answerthe Germans followed Hitler because he was promising what they wanted, after the treaty of Versailles Germany had become a country with an army limited to 100'000 men, they had to take the blame for the war and had to pay back all the war debts, their economy was terrible. Hitler promised to take them out of their depression and he kept his promise and made Germany a power house. Hitler was very intelligent and even though he was mad, he was brilliant. AnswerBecause he promised to solve their problem. The league of nations had imposed such overwhelming sanctions against Germany following WWI that the German people were already suffering financially at the beginning of the Great Depression, then things got worse. Hitler promised to make things better, found a group of people on whom he could blame all of the problems (the Jews) and told everyone that he was locking them up for the good of the nation. He didn't say much about the Holocaust, and while there were rumors, the German people didn't want to believe because things were getting better.
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Q: Why did people follow Adolf Hitler?
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