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Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois was a great orator and had great ideas for the United States. He was also just 5 foot 4 inches tall.

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Q: Why was Senator Stephen Douglas called the little giant?
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Did Senator Stephen A Douglas expect that Kansas would become a slave state?

Senator Stephen A. Douglas believed that through popular sovereignty, the people of the Kansas Territory would vote to become a free state upon its entry into the Union. He believed that the settlers in the Kansas Territory had gone there to escape slavery and the competition of slaves in the labor market. As far as Douglas could tell, the people of Kansas were small time farmers who had little interest in having slavery as part of their economy.

Why was Frederick Douglass nickname little giant?

Fredrick Douglass was not named "Little Giant" that was Stephen Douglass. Stephen Douglass was nick named little giant because he was well... fat and short.

When did Stephen A Douglas debate Abraham Lincoln in Illinois?

In the mid-1850's Douglas and Lincoln began one of the most famous political feuds in American history, it became known as the Lincoln-Douglas debates but the debates actually had began many years earlier. In Illinois's fourth capital, the Vandalia State House is where Douglas and Lincoln had their first debate around 1837. They continued with more debates in early 1840's above Joshua Speed's dry goods store, "where many aspirants politicians met" in Springfield, Illinois. During the 1840 presidential election Douglas made the decision to take their debates outside in the street, which lasted a week. Douglas enjoyed political fights and that is how he got his nickname the "Little Giant". Another reason was the many debates became more personal over Mary Todd "Lincoln's future wife and Douglas's past girlfriend". The famous Lincoln-Douglas debates was in mid-1850's and began over the Kansas-Nebraska Act, that under-minded the Missouri Compromise. Douglas saw it as "Manifest Destiny" but Lincoln saw it as a deliberate spread of slavery into Kansas and other once free-territories. Lincoln was Illinois Republican Party's nomination for senator, and ran against Douglas but even though Lincoln won the debates he still lost the senate to Douglas. Until the Presidential campaign of 1860. With the Democratic Party split, a Republican was sure to win. Lincoln was reserved in his campaign and stayed at home, allowing his supporters to speak for him. Douglas however did not, he campaigned furiously but Lincoln still won both popular and electoral college votes. I

Who was General Douglas MacArthur?

Douglas MacArthur, the son of the high-ranking military figure, Arthur MacArthur, was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on 26th January, 1880.

Why was Stephen F Austin important to Houston Texas?

Austin had very little to do with Houston, but he was a founding father of Texas.

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