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Of the more than 58,000 American soldier killed during the Vietnam War, eight were women. Sixty American female civilians were also killed.

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Q: How many American soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War and how many were women?
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How many American soldiers that died in Vietnam were women?


Women soldiers killed in Vietnam War?

8 US Nurses died in Vietnam, all but one from accidents.

What were the struggles American soldiers faced after the Vietnam war?

Aids in women

How many American women were killed in Vietnam War?

Sixty-eight American women were killed in the Vietnam War. Sixty were civilians and eight were military. Only one female American was killed, and she was USA ANC 1LT Sharon Ann Lane.

Why did US Army soldiers do at Sand creek?

They killed everyone in a American Indian village including women and children - apex

How many women served in Vietnam?

7,484 women served in Vietnam War. Out of that 6,250 (or 83.5%) were nurses. Eight of them were killed.

How many American women were killed during the Vietnam War?

Sixty-eight American women lost their lives in the Vietnam war. Eight were military. Only one American woman lost her life due to actual enemy fire. She was USA ANC 1LT Sharon Ann Lane.

What were the experiences of soldiers in the Vietnam War?

They run the full gamut of that of men (and women) in armed conflict. There are whole books on this subject - and just on the soldiers of one of the sides in the conflict. It is impossible to even begin to answer for the Vietnamese or for the American soldiers.

How many men and women were dead or missing in the Vietnam war?

58,226 American soldiers died in Vietnam or were listed as missing in action. Actually, it matters how it is worded. how many men of our died 58248 men women 8 and all together is 58256.

What is the mylai incidence?

The My Lai incident is sometimes referred to as the My Lai Massacre. In this incident, US soldiers killed a large number of women, children, and elderly people in a village in Vietnam.

How did the Vietnam war effect thd children in Vietnam war?

The soldiers there kind of stayed and married women there and they gave birth to vietnam-americans.

How many people were killed or injured during the Vietnam war?

There were over 58,000 American service men and women killed in the Vietnam conflict. The injured number over 200,000 - ranging from minor injuries and returning to duty the same day to permanent disabilities. As far as the Vietnamese are concerned, the numbers are unclear. Estimates have been made, claiming a million deaths or injuries during the time U.S. soldiers were on the ground in Vietnam, from 1959 to 1973.

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