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2.1 million - Number of Northerners mobilized to fight for the Union army.

880,000 - Number of Southerners mobilized for the Confederacy.

40+ - Estimated percentage of Civil War dead who were never identified.

2 out of 3 - Number of Civil War deaths that occurred from disease rather than battle.

2.5% - Approximate percentage of the American population that died in the Civil War.

7 million - Number of Americans lost if 2.5% of the population died in war today.

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Q: How many soldiers were on the South and the North during the Civil War?
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Cornbread eaten by the soldiers of the civil war?

Cornbread was eatin in the south and north during the civil war time

What were the soldiers referred to in the civil war?

the south were the confedrate soldiers An the north were the union soldiers

In the US Civil War did the North or the South have more soldiers?

The North

During the Civil War soldiers from the Southwark called Rebels?

Yes, during the civil war the soldiers from the south were called Rebels.

What were soldiers of the south called during the civil war?

They were called Rebels during the Civil War

During the civil war What were the south soldiers called?

They were called Rebels during the Civil War

What were the advantages the North had over the South in the Civil War?

They had more soldiers than the South.

How many soldiers were killed in the Civil War north and south?

About 600,000 sodiers in the North and South had been killed.

How many soldiers did the south and north have in the civil war exactly?

There were 9 total soldiers. 5 in the north, why they won, and 4 in the south. This was after hours of research. Actually this would probably be the ratio of North to South if you actually look it up then you will find that there were millions of soldiers fighting in the Civil War

Was the union during the civil war the north or the south?

North-South was Confederacy

Who won the civil war the north or the south?

North won due to higher quantity of soldiers.

Who won the civil war - the north or the south?

North won due to higher quantity of soldiers.

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