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no, but it was on the road to the Holocaust.

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Q: Is kristallnacht the Holocaust
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What was the kristallnacht during the holocaust?

a gang

What effect did Kristallnacht have on the struggle of German Jews?

Kristallnacht marked the beginning of the holocaust..

What did kristallnacht do after the holocaust?

nothing, it was an event, not a person.

What factors or issues led to the Holocaust?

Kristallnacht. It's called the turning point of the holocaust.

Did the Kristallnacht cause the Holocaust?

No, it allowed Hitler to take over the government .

How did the Kristallnacht signal the beginning of the Holocaust?

They signaled the beginning of the holocaust by killing Jews in Germany and Austria which led to killing Jews all around the world (the holocaust)

What happened on Kristallnacht during the holocaust?

The term Kristallnacht can loosely be translated as the night of (breaking) glass. There was a sudden mass attack by Nazi troopers, on Jewish businesses, homes, and synagogues, with massive amounts of vandalism, murder, and arrests. It was the inauguration of the Holocaust.

Do people place a candle in the window Nov 9 in memory of kristallnacht?

No. It was the beginning of the 'prelude' to the Holocaust.

What effect did the kristallnacht or the night of broken glass have on the struggle of German Jews?

it marked the beginning of the holocaust..

How jews were treated by hitler and his nazi government?

Research Kristallnacht and the Holocaust. Bottom line: Beyond Terrible.

What was the Holocaust called the night of?

the holocaust wasn't called the night of anything but there was the "night of broken glass" which was called Kristallnacht. This was when the Nazis invaded destroyed Jewish owned businesses.

What effect did kristallnacht or night of broken glass have on the struggle or German Jews?

Kristallnacht marked the beginning of the Holocaust. The Nazis used Kristallnacht as a test; a test to see the world's reaction. The scariest thing about the Nazis was how they experimented and learned from their mistakes. Kristallnacht was an experiment to see the world's and the German people's reaction. If they fought Hitler and imposed severe measures to stop him, he wouldn't have started the Holocaust. People complained about it, but no one actually did anything major about Kristallnacht. This basically gave Hitler the green light to go ahead with his plan to quarantine and eliminate the Jews.

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