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Yes, Mady Gosselin got braces. Kate Gosselin chose not to have the appointment where Mady got her braces on 'Jon& Kate Plus 8' because she did not know how the process would go for Mady.

Yes Mady has braces because in the episode "all smiles" Mady and Cara when to the orthodontist and they said yes Mady does need braces they also said

Cara might need braces in a couple years like when she is about 12.

In June 2011, Kate Gosselin tweeted that Mady:

Has had top and bottom braces and that someday she will care about having straight teeth and that Kate won't pay for a second round of braces if Mady doesn't wear her retainer.

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2011-06-12 17:32:36
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Q: Did Mady Gosselin get braces
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Why did Mady Gosselin get braces?

She had a crossbite

Do Mady and Cara Gosselin have braces?

Mady Gosselin has braces (and lots of WA contributors think her braces are super cute!). Cara does not have braces yet but she has gone to the orthodontist for a check. The day that Mady got her braces was not on the Gosselin's reality show because Kate was not sure how Mady would react.

Did Mady Gosselin get her braces off?

yes she did get her braces off..

Does mady gosselin like braces?

Yes she does

What color braces did Mady Gosselin get?

Mady got pink the first time

What color are mady Gosselin braces?

Blue and pink

What episode does mady gosselin get her braces tightened?

Sara snow

Why did Mady Gosselin need braces?

Mady had a crossbite. They said Cara doesn't need braces now, but might need them in the future.

Is cara gosselin getting braces?

Mady and Cara Gosselin both got braces in March of 2013. Kate even threw a pre-braces party for the twins.

Which episode did Mady get braces on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

There never was an episode that showed Mady Gosselin getting her braces on. Mady's mom, Kate Gosselin, decided not to film that day since she did not know what the experience would be like for Mady. However, in the episode All Smiles (Season 4, episode 30) Cara and Mady did visit the orthodontist to see if they needed braces. And in a later episode, Mady has her braces and visits the orthodontist for an adjustment.

Did hurt when Mady Gosselin got her braces on?

No. Well at least that what she said on the air.

Does mady Gosselin have spacers?

There is no public information on Mady Gosselin's orthodonic treatment, that is a private matter. However, spacers are pretty common for people with braces so the answer is probably Yes.

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