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His father.

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Q: Hamlet is mourning the death of?
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What does it mean when the king ask Hamlet how is it that the clouds still hang on you?

Why is Hamlet still mourning his father's death after a wedding

In the section that begins Good Hamlet cast thy nighted colour off What is Hamlet's mother asking him to do?

Hamlet is still mourning his father's death while his mother has quickly ended her mourning and has remarried. The "nighted colour" is the colour of night, which is to say, black. Gertrude wants Hamlet to cast off his black clothes, to stop mourning.

What bothers Claudius and Gertrude about how Hamlet is dressed?

Hamlet was dressed wholly in black because he was in mourning for his dead father, the late King Hamlet. This bothers Claudius and Gertrude because rather than mourning his father's death, he should be celebrating their new marriage. Furthermore, it is "unmanly" for Hamlet to be displaying such grief.

What is hamlet wearing during his first appearance on stage?

Hamlet is wearing mourning clothes: "my customary suits of inky black."

What is Claudius's comments to Hamlet regarding his father's death?

Claudius advises Hamlet to stop mourning his father's death and start celebrating the marriage between him and Hamlet's mother. He calls Hamlet's attitude"stubborn and unmanly." A little insensitive considering Hamlet's father has only been dead for 2 months at the time.

How do you put mourning in a sentence?

I was mourning about the death of my father

What does a mourning bird symbolize?

I think a mourning bird symbolizes a death or sorrow.

In scene 2 what is Hamlet's mother asking him to do?

Lift his mood and stop mourning for his dead father

Who are in Hamlet Act 2 scene 1?

This idea is introduced in Act One. Queen Gertrude asks Hamlet why he is still so heavily mourning the death of his father, claiming that he seems to be grieving more than is necessary.

How are we informed of the elder Hamlet's Death?

We are informed of elder Hamlet's death by seeing his ghost appear.

Use the word mourning in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.He is in mourning for his wife.The mourning dove called from the trees.They are mourning the death of their son.

What does the ghost of Hamlet's father asks Hamlet to?

Avenge his death

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