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The lunar module was divided into two stages each with it's own engine. The ascent stage used a rocket engine to lift the astronauts from the surface. The lower part was left behind on the moon.

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Q: How did the lunar lander get off the moon?
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What date did the lunar lander landed on the moon?

The lunar module landed on the moon on 20/7/1969.

The third man who stayed inside the appolo 11 lunar lander?

the lunar lander only held two people there was no third person in the lunar lander, Mike Collins orbited the moon while neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.

Can you see the lunar lander on the moon?

No you can not see it with your naked eye.

What spacecraft landed on the moon?

There were several Lunar Landers. The first manned Lunar Lander was the 'Eagle.'

When the lunar lander touched down on the moon what did Armstrong say?

The lunar lander was named Eagle. The first words (upon landing) "Houston, the Eagle has landed."

What did the astronauts use to collect geological samples on the Moon's surface?

lunar lander

What does lunar module mean?

The Apollo spacecraft had two parts, the Command Module and the Lunar Module. The Lunar Module was designed to land on the moon, and to take off to lunar orbit, to a rendez-vous with the Command Module. So it was composed by two parts: the lander, and the ascender. The lander served as a base to the lauching of the ascender.

What space rockets made it to the moon?

the Saturn V rocket carried the Apollo space craft and lunar lander into space the spacecraft itself was like a command center the lunar lander was the actual craft to land on the moon.

What was the speed of the luner lander at the desent to the moonr?

The speed of the Lunar lander at the descent to Moon 260 nautical miles per second.

What is the lunar lander?

the lunar lander is a type of space craft that took man to the m,oon

When was Lunar Lander - arcade game - created?

Lunar Lander - arcade game - was created in 1979.

When did Lunar Lander - video game - happen?

Lunar Lander - video game - happened in 1981.

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