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Titanic received six ice warnings. Some were delivered to the captain but not all.

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Q: How many iceberg warnings did Titanic receive the day it sank?
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How many days into the voyage did the Titanic sink?

The Titanic was at sea for 4 days until it hit the iceberg.

How many compartments did the iceberg go into the titanic?

Five for sure,and three feet into a sixth.

How many books have been written about the Titanic?

There would be hundreds of books written about the RMS Titanic sinking, when she hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic, on the night of April 14-15, 1912.The Loss of the S.S. Titanic The Truth about the Titanic A Night to Remember Voyage of the Iceberg .Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy Discover the Titanic: An Illustrated History Titanic at Two A.M.: An Illustrated Narrative with Survivor Accounts The Titanic: End of a Dream Butler, Daniel Allen. Unsinkable: The Full Story of RMS Titanic. Stack pole Books, 1998, 292 pages

How many passenger cabins did Titanic have?

The Titanic, a British liner that sank in the Atlantic ocean after hitting an iceberg, contained 840 staterooms. There were 416 First Class rooms, 162 for the Standard Class, and 262 for the Third Class passengers.

Is it the captain's fault the Titanic sank?

It depends How you look at it. In some ways It was Loads of Conspiracies Joined toghter like The SS. Californian not responding to the Titanics Stress Flares. Its actually told that Captian Smith Helped a child when they were drowning onto a lifeboat.Somewhat. Despite the iceberg warnings, he fell for Bruce Ismay's decision to arrive in New York a day early and retire with a fortune. But people also thought that lifeboats weren't needed since the Titanic was designed to stay afloat with a maximum of 4 watertight compartments breached (hence "The Unsinkable Ship). But when the hull was pierced by the iceberg, one compartment too many was flooded

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