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The television series Grey's Anatomy premeried on March 27, 2005. It has aired for nine seasons, and has been renewed for a tenth season. The show is a medical drama.

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Q: How many seasons has Grey's Anatomy aired?
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How many seasons of Greys Anatomy are there?

Currently, there are eight aired seasons of Greys Anatomy. ABC has also extended the contract to include another two seasons, seasons nine and ten which can be expected after the season eight finale.

How many seasons of greys anatomy?

There are currently working on there eight season

How many seasons will Grey's Anatomy last?

Greys anatomy is on it's 10th season. Everyone that is signed on til now is signed through to season 12.

How many episodes were in the first season of Grey's Anatomy?

In the famous television show called Greys Anatomy, the first season had a total of nine episodes. The first season aired from March 2005 to May 2005.

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How many gray's Anatomy seasons are there?

So far in total Grey's anatomy has 7 seasons.

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How many series were made of the ABC program Grey's Anatomy?

Nine seasons have aired of the popular American tv series Grey's Anatomy. The series began on March 25, 2005 focusing on the lives of interns and residents.

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