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if im earning R10,000 how much should i pay tax

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2013-03-25 11:54:20
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Q: How much do you have to earn to pay tax in South Africa?
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How much does a marketing manager earn in south Africa?

50,000 dollar starting pay..

How much must i have to earn a month to pay tax in South Africa?

120 000

How much money does a diplomat earn in South Africa?

Although the pay scale of a diplomat in South Africa is hidden. One can not quote the exact figures. However; a diplomat earns around $100,000 in South Africa.

How much did South Africa pay for the world cup?


How much tax do you pay if you earn 5000 a month?

How much tax do I pay if I earn 8000 a month

How much does the average person in south Africa make per day?

Enough to pay a stripper

How does trading affect South Africa's economy?

Trading with other countries enables South Africa to create jobs in the manufacturing, agricultural and mining sectors to export its products and earn foreign currency to pay for the imports of products that are not made in South Africa. In short trading improves the prosperity of the country and its people.

How many pick n pay have grocery stores in south Africa?

how many pick n pay grocery stores in south africa

Can your home be taken if you can not pay a law suit in South Africa?

If you can't pay a lawsuit in South Africa, your home may be taken as a guarantee of payment.

Do you pay VAT on royalties in South Africa?

No not really but I do come from Africa and Nigeria

What is the rate for fuel per kilometer in South Africa to pay?

Fuel is sold by the liter in South Africa not by the kilometer.

What is salary range for a train driver in South Africa?

The salary for a train driver in South Africa ranges from 5800 to about 9800 ZAR pe month. The pay varies depending on how much experience a person has.

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