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It is possible..... but it's also very rare and unlikely.

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Q: Is it possible to increase height after twenty five years of age?
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How do you naturally increase height after twenty one years of age?

There is absolutely nothing one can do to increase their height, no matter what age they are.

Is it possible to increase height after 23 years of age?

just belive jesus christ .. you will increase your height

Is it possible to increase height after age of 25 years?

Get stilts

I am twenty years old and my height is 5'7 so can i hope that i will increase more?

At 20 - no

Is there any chance to increase height after twenty eight years?

Yes. I know of two people who gained height at age 30. It is rare but it happens.

Is it possible to increase the height after 25 years age?

Possible yes probable no. Highly unusual after 18/19

Is it possible to increase height after 18 years of age?

Apart from surgical intervention, it is not usually possible to increase height after puberty. For more information about increasing height, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How do you increase my height in 23 age?

how i increase my height at 23 years

Is it possible to grow in height after twenty years of age for girls?

yes. there are some medications that should be taken in a long period of time.

I am 18 years old my height is 5'2 i am male how will i increase my height?

Very careful nutrition study and stretching exercises are possible growth enhancers for your next three to four years.

Food supplements which increase teenage boys height?

how much can be increase in height by the age of 21 years

How do you increase height by 5 inch after 22 years without surgery?

A chiropractor can sometimes increase your height by about two inches by 'stretching' your spine, if you were 5 inches taller in your youth, it might be possible to get an even greater result

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