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In twilight breaking dawn first up jacob first of leaves the clan to go and protect bella from being killed from his clan then he starts his own mini clan with leah ans seth clearwater then after that he staysthe cullens whilse bella is pregnant then renesmee is born and jacob inprints in bella then after that he sticks by the cullens that is basically it i could go on for ever hope this ansers the question

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2011-11-11 07:57:54
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Q: What happens to Jacob in Breaking Dawn?
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What happens between Jacob and Bella's daughter in breaking dawn?

Jacob imprints on her.

How old is Jacob in Breaking Dawn?

In breaking dawn, Jacob is 16.

Who is hotter Jacob in breaking dawn or edward in breaking dawn?

edward is hotter than jacob

Is Jacob Black in 'Breaking Dawn'?

Yes, Jacob Black plays a huge role in Breaking Dawn.

What happens to Jacob and Bella?

By the end of the last book, Breaking Dawn, Jacob and Bella continue to be friends, but Jacob no longer loves Bella.

Who will Jacob end up with in breaking dawn?

Jacob will end up with nobody in Breaking Dawn. Reneesmee is still a child then.

On what page in Breaking Dawn do Bella and Jacob kiss?

they kiss in eclipse not breaking dawn

What happens to Jacob and Bella in part 2 of breaking dawn?

jacob goes on with renesmee (he imprinted on her) and bella is happy wwith edward. in the end edward is finally friends with jacob and thinks of jacob as a son in law. and Bella is fine with Jacob . but in breaking dawn part 2 they do fight sometimes.

How many of jacob's fingers does edward break in breaking dawn?

Edward breaks about three (3) of Jacob's fingers in Breaking Dawn (I'd tell you when it happens, but some people might get very, VERY mad at me for doing that).

Does Bella ever kiss Jacob in breaking dawn?

no Bella didn't kiss Jacob in Breaking Dawn coz she marries Edward

Did Jacob Black and Reneseme Cullen kiss in Breaking Dawn?

Jacob and Reneseme do not kiss in Stephanie Meyers book 'Breaking Dawn'

Does Jacob and rensemee end up in breaking down?

First of all it's Breaking Dawn and yes Jacob and Rensemee end up in Breaking Dawn

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