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Got (name) Just do it vote for ( name)

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2012-05-14 20:49:09
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Q: What is a good class president slogan?
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Creative ideas for Class Election I need a poster logo and badge designs I'm running for president My slogan is this Don't be an airhead be a smartie. Vote for me as your class president?

Well that is a good slogan but it isnt that eye catching. Im running for my class president and my slogan is Vote for (your name here) Just Do It with a nike swoosh. You can use this idea i just hope you dont go to my school!

What is a rhyming slogan for running for class president that rhymes with Justin?

One example of a rhyming slogan for running for class president that rhymes with Justin could be, Put your trust-in Justin, elect him glass president. Another could be, Justin will bust-in, and do his best to represent the class.

What is a good slogan for class of 2012 has to be clean?

Class of Two O Dozen

Slogans for class president?

If you want a better school year than choose me for class president or come up with a theme and make that your slogan

Need a slogan for class president with the name teddy?

teddy stedy vote for teddy want to study vote for teddy good luck!!

What is a slogan for class of 2018?

There are so many slogans for the class of 2016 that you can choose from. One good slogan is Seniors: On top is always better.

What is a good slogan for the class of 2013?

To the end of the world and beyond...

What is a good slogan for the class of 2010?

get low with 1 O

A slogan for chlorine?

a good slogan for chlorine is "Chlorine is a terrible gas, but it will help you pass your science class."

What is a catchy class president slogan with the name Libby?

"If you want no fibbys, vote for Libby!"

Slogan for nick for class president?

There's no better pick than Nick for president. Make Nick your pick. Pick Nick!

I need a good Slogan for fifth grade class rep?

think out of the box

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