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Nicktoons was launched on May 1, 2002 as Nicktoons TV as part of the digital cable-exclusive MTV Digital Suite in order to entice cable operators to pick up the network and give them a marketing advantage over satellite services.

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Q: When was Nicktoons Channel established?
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What channel is nicktoons on dish?

the channel for nicktoons on dish is Channel: 178

When was Nicktoons - TV channel - created?

Nicktoons - TV channel - was created in 2002.

Is Nicktoons on the Nickelodeon channel?

No Nicktoons is on channel 107 Nickelodeon is channels 61 and 117 -thank you

What channel is nicktoons on cable?

Channel 183

Is Nicktoons Channel still called Nicktoons Network?

Yes it is still called NickToons Network.

Do you have to pay for Nicktoons?

Of course. Nicktoons is a cable channel. If you're lucky enough to have free cable and Nicktoons is part of your free package, then obviously you don't have to pay for it, but yes. Nicktoons is a pay channel.

Is Chalk Zone still on Nickelodeon or Nicktoons Network?

It is not on the regular Nickelodeon channel anymore. It is now on the Nicktoons channel only.

What is the channel for nicktoons if you have cablevision?

If you're thinking Nicktoons network, then it would be channel 111. I hope I didn't get anything wrong.

How can you get nicktoons on comcast?

channel 126

What channel does bey blade metal fusion come on?

nicktoons and the preview in a week on nicktoons then after it will be on nicktoons on 24 August 2010

Why is ned declassified school survival guide on nicktoons?

Ned's Declassifed is not on the Nicktoons channel. It is on the TeenNick Channel. It is on there because the TeenNick channel plays some shows that used to be on the regular Nickelodeon channel.

What channel is nicktoons on for people with cable?

For Direct TV it is channel 302.

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