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There were different reasons why some joined. The slaveholders could not afford to lose their slaves, so they joined for that reason. Some average joe's joined because they thought that the north could not stand seeing the south get so prosperous. Some just joined because they did not like President Lincoln. bye friends!!!!!!

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Q: Why did so many Southerners volunteer to fight in the Civil War?
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How many southerners died during the civil war?

250,000 southerners died

How many southerners did not own slaves?

Fully 3/4 of southerners did not own slaves at the eve of the Civil War.

How many Southerners died from tuberculosis in the Civil War?

cuzzn your mom

Did women fight in the Civil War?

While most women did not fight in the war directly there were many volunteer nurses and aids. Some people believe that some women may have disguised themselves as men.

Why did most southerners refuse to allow African Americans to fight?

Many Southerners believed that slaves were property, and property cannot have a gun, fight, or kill people. Sometimes blacks did fight for the Confederacy, however

How many people died from the South in the Civil War?

U.S. Civil War statistics: Total Southerners killed in action = 72, 500. Total Southerners killed = 260,000.

How many southerners fought in the civil war?

There was 20,000 south people fighting

Why did Southerners fight the US Civil War?

The Southerners fought the US Civil War because they thought that the Northern states were oppressing them with taxes and unnecessary laws. Slavery was also a big issue, they wanted to keep slaves because there entire work force was based on it. The Northerners wanted to abolish slave trade, and confine it to the South. The only way for the South to keep its economy and social elements intact, was, for many Southerners , to fight Union armies seeking to end the Southern rebellion.

Why did many southerners act As if they had not lost the civil war?

so they wouldn't lose their dignity

Most white Southerners owned how many slaves?


Why did the Southerners go to the West after the Civil War?

Because so many of the Southerners were slaves who were now free after the Civil War and needed some place to go and the West was newly-founded land which no one had set foot upon, therefore the Southerners (or slaves) went to the West.

Why did free blacks and former slaves volunteer to fight for the north in the civil war?

Freemen and former southern slaves volunteered to fight for the North in the Civil because they believed that African Americans would benefit from a Northern victory. Several thousands African American fought bravely and many died and were wounded.

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