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No. PlayStation 3 stuff does not work on a PlayStation 2.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:04:31
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Q: Will PlayStation 3 guitar work on a PlayStation 2?
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Does a PlayStation 2 guitar from guitar hero 2 work for the PlayStation 2 version of Guitar Hero 3?

Yes, they are compatible with one another.

Will guitar hero 1 and 2 on the PlayStation 2 work on the PlayStation 3?

If you buy the editionespecially for playstation. rey :^)

Does the Guitar Hero aerosmith guitar work with Guitar Hero 3 for the PlayStation 3?

If the aerosmith guitar is for PlayStation 3 than yeah it will work. But not i its an Xbox guitar or wii guitar.

Does the guitar from guitar world tour work on the guitar hero 2 for sony playstation 3?

yes it does

Does a playstation 2 guitar from guitar hero 2 work for the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero 3?

No, they are designed differently.

Will the guitar for Guitar Hero 3 for PlayStation 2 work with Guitar Hero 1 for PlayStation 2?

actually yes it does rock band will work for all gh games and gh will work for all rock band games

Is the ps3 guitar compatible with ps2?

There are some people who had claimed that their PlayStation 3 Guitar works on the PlayStation 2 console but some claimed that it does not work. Not sure whether it will work though. My opinion is: ->Ask someone from a store about it if you are buying one ->Try to use the PlayStation 3 guitar on the PlayStation 2 console and see if it will work ->If it doesn't work, buy a PlayStation 2 guitar instead or ->buy a Playstation3 console if you could afford it But I am pretty sure it'll work because is from the same manufacturer i.e (PlayStation)

Will PlayStation 2 guitars work on a PlayStation 3?

No they don't have a plug for ps2 controllers/guitar hero guitars

What PlayStation can you play guitar hero on?

PlayStation 2 and 3

Can you play PlayStation 3 Guitar Hero 3 on a PlayStation 2 system?


Is a PlayStation 2 guitar compatible with a PlayStation 3?

Only if the PS2 guitar has a USB connector.

Does an Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 3 guitar work on a PlayStation 2?

No it does not. Guitars are only compatible with their own system.

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