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If the other seasons came to the US, then it's most likely, yes, it will come out to the USA.

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Q: Will the Winx Club movie come to America?
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When will the winx club movie come out in America on DVD?

i belive it will be coming out soon

What year did the winx club movie come out in?


When will the 2 winx club movie come out in America?

I think the movie will come out after the 4 kids air winx club season 4 which comes out on august 14 2010........................ so i think the 2nd movie comes out at the end of 2010 or in 2011..... The movie Winx Club: The Magic is Back (Winx Club Movie 2) will most likely not air until 2012-2013. 4kidstv did not dub Winx Club season 4, nor will they air it. Nickelodeon bought the rights to Winx Club and will be airing the first four seasons and later showing the fifth and sixth seasons as well.

Which year will the winx club movie come to the US?

in 2008

When is winx club movie coming in India?

in 2000 till 2004 winx club has come in india but they stopped it i also think winx club is again coming in india in 2012 in december 31 because i have see winx club information

When did winx club come out?

The show Winx Club came out in 2004.

When did the winx club come out?

The show Winx Club came out in 2004.

Will there be a winx club 2 movie?

i think so, but it hasn't come to America yet Yes. There is already a second movie. It is called Winx Club: The Magic is Back. In America, it will most likely air in 2012-2013. Winx Club 2: Magical Adventure 3D is already out. The english version will air on May 20, 2012 at 8pm/7c For USA Fans

Does winx club come on weekdays at 4kids?

No, because 4Kids lost the rights to Winx club and Winx club used to come on at the weekends on 4Kids

When does Winx Club The Lost Princess movie come out?

next 60000000000 years

Where will the winx club movie come out?

It want come out in the theaters but it will come out on monday September 1st 2008 on fox30

Winx Club when will the 2 movie come out?

May 20 At 8pm/7c on nick

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