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Home pregnancy tests are quite accurate. If anything, they give false negatives because it might not have picked up enough of the pregnancy hormone but positives are usually accurate. If you want to be absolutely sure, take another test and if that one too says you are pregnant, count on it.

most are 99%

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Home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate when taken correctly. It's important to be sure that you are not testing too early and that you use first morning urine. Not following the directions included with the test can cause undesired results.

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Q: How accurate are home pregnancy tests?
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If you have had a tubal pregnancy will a home pregnancy test be accurate?

Yes a home pregnancy test will be accurate usually. But a blood test is the most accurate way of determing pregnancy.

What are the sings of pregancy?

Alot of the time people will instincitvely know weeks before they miss there period, the earliest sign of pregnancy is a weird feeling in the lower abdomen which is described as a somewhat fluttery sensation like when you are nervous even when you arn't, another early sign of pregnancy is frequent urination, even though the foetus isn't very big there will be more pressure which causes this and unfortunaly this will continue through to the entire pregnancy, other symptoms are, bloting, headaches, nausea, incresed ability to smell and taste, you will also crave foods you did not even like and gain weight. Some women will not experience any symptoms at all and do not know until they starts to show at around 12 weeks (3 months). HPT (Home Pregnancy Tests) are not always accurate and misconceptions are made, if you take the HPT in the afternoon and it is negative it may be void because you are most likely to have the hormone HGC in your urine in the morning and this is when the test should be taken. Blood and urine tests by your doctor can be the most accurate, bubt not always nesacary, if you are trying to get pregnant wait a few weeks after your period is late because if you take a HPT and its postitive then you get your period it's most likely a early miscariage and it will just cause upset. Hope this helps.

When is a pregnancy test most accurate?

First thing in the morning, after you have missed a period. Taken too soon (before your period is late) the test may result in a false negative.

Can you have a tubal pregnancy if you have had a tubal ligation?

Yes, ectopic pregnancy is a rare effect of having a tubal ligation. If you've had a tubal ligation and begin experiencing single sided pain, spotting, bleeding or dizziness you need to be evaluated for tubal pregnancy immediately.

Can you have a successful pregnancy if your tubes come untied?


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Are the doctors urine pregnancy tests more accurate than home pregnancy tests?

No. They are exactly the same.

How is pregnancy diagnosed?

While home pregnancy tests are very accurate, they are less accurate than a pregnancy test evaluated by a laboratory.

How is it that i got a positive at home pregnancy test and got a negative blood test?

At home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate.

Are home pregnancy tests as accurate as blood tests?

Home pregnancy tests are not as effective as blood tests. I am on my fifth pregnancy and have had many occasions where a home test has simply not shown up. Although I have been told this is rare, a blood test is the only way to be certain.

Can you get a negative home pregnancy test and a positive blood test?

Yes. The home tests aren't accurate and only the blood test is the accurate one.

Is it possible to miss a period have negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant?

The at-home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Consult your gynecologist.

Can you find out if you pregnant in a week?

No. Blood tests can be considered accurate around 10 days after ovulation and home pregnancy tests can be considered accurate around 14 days after ovulation.

How accurate are pregnancy tests in the second trimester?


If you have had a tubal pregnancy will a home pregnancy test be accurate?

Yes a home pregnancy test will be accurate usually. But a blood test is the most accurate way of determing pregnancy.

Do Home pregnancy tests work in 2nd tri mester?

Yes; a home pregnancy test should be accurate 14 days after conception. This would include the second trimester.

Does home pregnancy test work in the early second trimester?

Yes. Home pregnancy tests actually give accurate results in the first trimester, some as early as the first few weeks of pregnancy.

How do you know you are pregnant in early few days?

There is no real way to know until you get a positive pregnancy test. Blood tests given by dr's are usually accurate 10 to 14 after ovulation and home pregnancy tests and urine tests are usually accurate around 14 to 16 days after ovulation.

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