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The traditional ensemble music (made up predominantly of percussive instruments) of Java and Bali in Indonesia is called Gamelan . The most common instruments used are a set of hand-played drums called kendhang and metallophones which are played by mallets.

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Q: How do gamelan play their instruments?
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Do people play different instruments in a gamelan band?


How are gamelan instruments made?

gamelan instruments mades by metal and woods

How are gamelan instruments played?

Gamelan instruments are usually played with a hammer or stick. It is a general term referring to instruments such as gongs, drums and xylophones. The word "gamelan" actually means "to hammer", but some gamelan instruments are also plucked (stringed instruments) or blown (bamboo pipes).

What is Indonesian Gamelan?

Gamelan is a variety of instruments put together to form a "song". This type of song is called "gamelan". Search it up on google images to see the instruments.

What must you not do to Gamelan instruments?

You must never step over the Gamelan instruments and you must never show the soles of your feet when you are sitting. The rules are extremely strict when it comes to the Gamelan.

How gamelan musicians play their instruments?

Metallophones are played by mallets. There is also a set of hand played drums

Why do gamelan musicians never step over their instruments?

Gamelan musicians like to respect their instruments. They believe that the instruments have a connection to their God and that stepping over the instruments would break the connection.

How many instruments are normally in a gamelan?


What are the instruments of the gamelan orchestra?

Gamelan music comes from Indonesia and has many instruments in it's orchestra such as xylophones, drums, gongs and flutes made from bamboo.

What are 10 original facts about gamelan music?

The term refers more to the set of instruments than the players of those instruments. A gamelan as a set of instruments is a distinct entity, built and tuned to stay together - instruments from different gamelan are not interchangeable. The word "gamelan" comes from the Javanese word "gamel", meaning to strike or hammer, and the suffix "an", which makes the root a collective noun.

How many instruments normally in gamelan music?


What are the beliefs behind gamelan music?

In Indonesia they think that the Gamelan is sacred and in the instruments are spirits. You must not walk over them as they think that you would offend the spirit. When you play it you must take off your shoes because it is polite to the spirits. sometime flowers if offered to the Gamelan.

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