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Every state has different fines, so you will need to be more specific. In New York it would be from $180 - $300, the judge makes the decision. The law also allows for up to 15 days in jail.

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Q: How much is a ticket for going 71 in a 55?
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How much in Webster parish is a speeding ticket goin 71 in a 55?


How much would a speeding ticket be for going 71 in a 55 mph zone in San Joaquin County in California?

I will tell you Exactly after January 8, 2013. That is my court date.

How do you guys think your ticket will cost you were going 71 mph on a 55 speed limit?

Wellit depends on the officer who gives you the ticket,or the officer can send you to court and the jugde will the amount decide.

How much is a speeding ticket in El Paso Texas?

I just paid $166 for going 71 in a 60. I paid 183 for going 73 in a 60

How much will a speeding ticket cost in NY for doing 71 in a 55 mph zone?

71 in a 55 is minimum fine of $45 to maximum of $150. Depending upon whether it was in a town or city court the surchage will be $55. or $75 respectively so your max in a town would be $205. Points will be assessed and can be found at

Going 71 MPH in 55 MPH zone what would be my fine?


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How much will a speeding ticket cost in Louisiana for doing 71 in 55 mph zone?

$45 in louisiana but also depending upon if you have had some recently in the past cause they increase as you get more. By Douglas Bounty.

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