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Iron Maiden have just published new album The Final Frontier.

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Q: Is iron maiden making a new album?
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When does Iron Maiden new album come out?

Iron Maiden's next studio album probably won't come out until at least next year (2014).

Did Bruce Dickinson sing on the Iron Maiden killers album?

No, Paul Di'Anno did, he was with Iron Maiden until the album The Number of the Beast, when Bruce Dickinson replaced him. Dickinson left bend after Fear of the dark album. After him, Blaze Bayley did 2 albums with Iron Maiden: The X factor and Virtual XI. Bruce was back in band on Brave new world album and still sings with Iron Maiden.

How many iron maiden cds are there?

Iron Maiden currently have 14 studio albums. They also have 5 official live albums. I'm not sure how many singles Iron Maiden have released so far. Iron Maiden have a new studio album due to be released next year.

How long has Bruce Dickinson been in iron maiden?

First album Bruce Dickinson recorded with Iron Maiden was The Number Of The Beast (1982). After Fear Of The Dark tour he left the bend and worked on his solo career. He was back in Maiden again on album Brave New World and still singing with hem.

Is the band Iron Maiden still active?

Yes. In fact, they have just finished recording a new album, which should be released sometime this year.

When is the next iron maiden concert in NYC?

Iron Maiden have no scheduled concerts in New York coming up.

What are all of the albums by Iron Maiden?

Iron Maiden's first album is titled Iron Maiden. Their second album is titled Killers. Their third album is titled Number of the Beast. Their fourth album is titled Peace of Mind. Their fifth album is titled Powerslave. Their sixth album is titled Somewhere in Time. Their seventh album is titled Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Their eighth album is titled No Prayer for the Dying. Their ninth album is titled The X Factor. Their tenth album is titled Virtual XI. Their eleventh album is titled Brave New World. Their twelfth album is titled Dance of Death. Their thirteenth album is titled Matter of Life and Death. Their fourteenth album is titled The Final Frontier. They also have many live CDs and DVDs.

Is 2009 the last iron maiden tour?

Iron Maiden haven't confirmed any more more official tours, but there are some rumours saying that they will do another tour. They have confirmed that they will release a new studio album areound 2010, and they usually do a tour following a new album. So they haven't confirmed any new tours, but there is a chance that they will tour again. Really hope they do! It wasn't!

What iron maiden music is used in the new Nissan commercial?

Iron Maiden music has never been used in a Nissan commercial.

When did iron maiden break up if they did that is?

Iron Maiden has never broken up. They have had some band member changes which include: Clive Burr being replaced before the Piece of Mind album by Nicko McBrain who is the current drummer for Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson replacing Paul Di'Anno before the Number of The Beast album. Blaze Bayley replacing Bruce Dickinson before The X-Factor album. And Bruce returning to replace Blaze Bayley before The Brave New World album. Adrian Smith being replaced by Janick Gers before the No Prayer For The Dying album (although Iron Maiden has had 2 guitar players most of the bands career, in 1999 when Bruce Dickinson returned, so did Adrian Smith to make it 3 guitars in Iron Maiden.) Iron Maiden has had its troubles over the years, but they have stuck together since 1975 and continue since then to be one of the most prominent and influential metal bands of the century.

Who is iron maidens new drummer?

Nico McBrain plays drumms in Iron Maiden since 1982.

When will metallica make a new album?

They will start making a new album in April or may of 2011. Lars ( Ulrich: Drummer ) said that they will be making a new album then.

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