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Four seasons, most famous Spring

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Q: What are some names of famous pieces written by Vivaldi?
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What are the names of some famous Baroc composers?

vivaldi, and its spelt baroque

What instruments did antonio vivaldi write for?

What were the names of the instraments that vivaldi wrote for

What were the names of songs that were most famous by Mozart?

One of Mozarts' best pieces of music is 'The Magic Flute'.

What are the names of some famous minimalist pieces?

Philip Glass Steve Fry Morton Feldman Roberto Carnevale

What are the names of the songs that Antonio Vivaldi wrote?

Ah. Vivaldi the Venetian. The Red Priest. See the link below. The catalog is in French; the Works List is in English.

What are the 2 famous epic poems names written by homer?

The Iliad and the Odyssey.

What composer did not write in the romantic period?

There are very many. Some famous names who did NOT compose in what we call the Romantic Period would be Bach or Vivaldi (Baroque) or the likes of Wagner and Tchaikovsky (Modern). Beethoven is often thought of as the most famous composer who DID write in the Romantic Period.

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Disney's Fantasia includes many famous pieces of classical music, such as selections from Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker Suite", Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring", and selections from Beethoven's sixth symphony. The pieces in the film were conducted by Leopold Stokowsky.

Famous people who's last names starting with V?

Antonio Vivaldi (composer)Cornelius Vanderbilt (businessman)Gene Vincent (musician)Roger Vadim (director)Gianni Versace (designer)Jon Voight (actor)Rudolph Valentino (actor)

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