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Gamelan music comes from Indonesia and has many instruments in it's orchestra such as xylophones, drums, gongs and flutes made from bamboo.

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Q: What are the instruments of the gamelan orchestra?
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What are the instruments in a gamelan Orchestra?

I dont know la u

In which country is a gamelan orchestra most commonly found?

The country that a gamelan orchestra is most commonly found in is Indonesia. The orchestra is made up for the most part of percussion instruments.

Where would gamelan orchestra be played?

The Gamelan, which is a collection of percussion and stringed instruments played as one large instrument, is native to the country of Indonesia.

How big is a gamelan orchestra?

A Gamelan orchestra can be as small as 2 people. The Gamelan orchestra can be as large as 20 or 30 people big.

What is the gamelan orchestra?

a gamelan orchestra is an orchestra which comes from Indonesia. this amazing music is centuries old and can be played at festivals or just at home. the word gamelan means 'to hit with a hammer'.

How are gamelan instruments made?

gamelan instruments mades by metal and woods

How are gamelan instruments played?

Gamelan instruments are usually played with a hammer or stick. It is a general term referring to instruments such as gongs, drums and xylophones. The word "gamelan" actually means "to hammer", but some gamelan instruments are also plucked (stringed instruments) or blown (bamboo pipes).

What are the differences between the gamelan and an orchestra?


How many players are in a gamelan orchestra?

a lot

What does the word gamelan mean?

a gamelan is a music orchestra origonating from indoneisa mainly in jave and bali

What is Indonesian Gamelan?

Gamelan is a variety of instruments put together to form a "song". This type of song is called "gamelan". Search it up on google images to see the instruments.

What is the tempo of gamelan orchestra of Indonesia?

slow and steady

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