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is Aston merrygold brother in emmerdale

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2011-09-13 14:37:17
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Q: What is Aston's MERRYGOLD's brothers name?
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What size is Aston merrygolds feet?

Astons foot size is 8

What are Aston merrygolds sister and brothers names?

He has 5 brothers and 1 sister he is the oldest i only no his sisters name which is Courtney and his brother name which is connor

What Aston merrygolds brothers name?

Nathan, Derek, Jake, Ashley, connor and his sister is Courtney

Where does Aston Merrygolds brothers live?


How old are Aston merrygolds siblings?

Aston Merrygold have 4 other brothers that are from his fathers side. Aston's mother remarried and had conor merrygold and Courtney merrygold with astons stepdad.but conor is around 17 and corney is around 15

What is aston's merrygolds brothers and sister name?

Sister: Courtney Brothers: Conner, Kane, Antony ,Reece and not sure the other brother

Will you please give me astan merrygolds house number or mobile number i beg you my name is Mary?

07934256573 dats astons number i no it cuz im his neice Don't waste your money phoning this number.

Is Astons name out of JLS real name oatis?

noo astons name is Aston merrygold x

What is Aston Merrygolds favorite song that JLS has sung?

Astons faaviorite song sung by JLS is Close To Youu and right now his faviorite song is ChrisBrown-craawl:)

What is astons real name?


What was Astons merrygolds dream when he was a child?

Ast wanted to be a footballer but after he had to have an operation on his foot, he couldnt. Then he went on to acting but always wanted to sing, and now he's living his dream <3

What are Aston Merrygolds brothers names full answer?

there called Jake merrygold

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