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That is (sic)

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Q: What is joey jordisons favorite slipknot song?
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What band has played the fastest song?

I do not know about fastest song, but I do know that Joey Jordison of Slipknot has the record for fastest drumming.

What is Corey Taylors favorite Slipknot song?

I don't think he has a favorite I think he likes them all.

What slipknot album is the song surfacing on?


What is joey kings favorite song?

"California Girls" By Katy Perry

What is slipknot's first song?

Slipknot's first song ever released was 742617000027

How do you tie a slipknot?

you sing a song by slipknot (go to youtube)

Did slipknot cover any songs?

Slipknot has not covered any song, however the Slipknot song "Eyeless" has been covered by Bring Me The Horizon No they cover the song Master of Puppets originally by Metalica.

What is a maggot?

its a fly larvae or if your are referring to a slipknot maggot is is a fan of slipknot. this got started when joey jordison (drummer for slipknot) started calling his audience maggots and the on there all hope is gone album they made a song the pulse of the maggots to enspire and show the slipknot maggots that they do care not all hope is gone. subliminal verse. or if you wanna get technical, the Iowa album

How did Slipknot get their name?

Idk how exactly slipknot got their name is jsut know that joey jordison came up with the name. ~They got their name from a song on their demo album, Mate Feed Kill Repeat. I think it was number 2 in the track listing.

What album by slipknot does the song requiem go on?

"Requiem" is not by Slipknot. It is by Snot featuring Corey Taylor, the vocalist of Slipknot.

Who plays the song duality?

Plays the song? Slipknot.

What song by Slipknot did Avenged Sevenfold play on live at the in LBC DVD?

Avenged Sevenfold did not play a Slipknot song in their live at the LBC DVD. However they did cover one song, but it wasn't by Slipknot. The song is called Walk by Pantera.

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