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Reading a lot will help your spelling, and your verbal skills overall.

However, if you're serious about winning, try this website: It is managed by a non-profit and they have a free trial.

I used it and it really helped.

This site also puts on a word championship, the Word Cup. It's a new event.

Also, the people who stage the National Spelling Bee have useful tips on their website,
You Eat a good/healthy breakfast, stay calm all times, and encourage yourself. (Also tell your self your going to win!) :) Good Luck :)

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2013-09-23 21:08:51
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Q: What is the best way to practice for a spelling bee?
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What is the best way to study for a spelling bee?

Read a dictionary. If you know some of the words revise them. Ask anyone to do a spelling test to warm up your brain just before the competition. Hope this helps!!

What is a good way to practice for a spelling bee?

Different people have different ways of studying for a spelling bee. The most common way is to have a list of words that they will use in the bee, provided by the spelling bee beforehand, and to look over them. A way I used to study was with someone else. They would pronounce the word and give me a definition and the other information, such as language of origin and type of speech. Then I would spell it out, or write it down and spell it out. Then, my helper would tell me if I spelled it correctly, if not, they would tell me how to correctly spell it. Others have studied the roots of the words, and this is probably more useful and accurate, but I'm not sure how to do this. Another advice: Ok I am in the district spelling bee and it is just a week far! I did not memorize all the words yet, I only memorized like forty so far but this is the way I do: I copy all the words down and looked for the how to pronounce that word and the definition, then I would memorize them. It's kind of a stupid way but it helps a little. PS I am so nervous for the spelling bee I didnt even memorize the first page!!!! :(

What are the remedy for poor in spelling?

Spelling is improved with practice ! The more you practice spelling words, the more your brain remembers the correct way to spell. Simple exercises like a list of 10 words to memorise each day will vastly improve a persons vocabulary and spelling.

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How can you win a spelling bee?

Well I'm sorry to say, that there is no exact way on how to win a Spelling Bee, BUT if you keep on practicing, studying your spelling before going to bed, before you leave for school or when you have time YOU might get a chance to win, or even come in Second or Third place.Hope this helped, and Good Luck! (:

How do you improve memory I can memorize the spelling of a word that is less than seven letters long in 15 seconds but I am wondering if I can somehow improve this?

The best way to improve your time is just to practice. You can find lists of words online to practice with!

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