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The latest Iron Maiden Album is - The Book of Souls. It was released in 2015.

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Q: What is the latest iron maiden album?
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What was iron maidens first album?

Iron Maiden was the bands first ever album

When was Killers - Iron Maiden album - created?

Killers - Iron Maiden album - was created in 1919-11.

Is iron maiden making a new album?

Iron Maiden have just published new album The Final Frontier.

What is iron maiden's second album?


When was Iron maidens first album released?

1980, Iron Maiden.

When does Iron Maiden new album come out?

Iron Maiden's next studio album probably won't come out until at least next year (2014).

What is iron maiden's third album?

The Number of the Beast

Did Bruce Dickinson sing on the Iron Maiden killers album?

No, Paul Di'Anno did, he was with Iron Maiden until the album The Number of the Beast, when Bruce Dickinson replaced him. Dickinson left bend after Fear of the dark album. After him, Blaze Bayley did 2 albums with Iron Maiden: The X factor and Virtual XI. Bruce was back in band on Brave new world album and still sings with Iron Maiden.

What is iron maiden's best selling album?

NUMBER OF THE BEAST (1982) - is Iron Maiden's highest selling album worldwide with over 14 million sales estimated.

What is iron maidens last song?

The last song on Iron Maiden's latest album is "When the Wild Wind Blows". The latest song of theirs to be released was a cover of Deep Purple's "Space Truckin'", recorded in 2006 and released last year.

On which of Iron Maiden's albums can the song 'The Trooper' be found?

Iron Maiden's single "The Trooper" can be found on their album Piece of Mind, released in 1983. It was their ninth single, and the second from this album.

When did the band release its debut album 'Iron Maiden'?


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