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Rites of Spring are widely regarded as the first emo band.

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Q: What was the first emo band?
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Is from first to last band emo?


Who is the first emo?

Probably Rites of Spring. A band. Emo is a genre of music. HITLER.

Is semisonic an emo band?

yep it is an emo band

Is Thursday an emo band?

Yes, iT's an emo band :)

Is the band Flyleaf emo?

No, Flyleaf is not emo. They are an alternative rock band.

Is thriving ivory an emo band?

No, Thriving Ivory is not an "emo" band.

What were the first successful emo bands?

The first successful emo band were the Rites of Spring. The band was formed in 1984 and was most known for their energetic live performances. The Rites of Spring got disbanded in 1986.

Is the used an emo band?

yes they are a part emo part indie band and the greatest emo band in the world (other than hawthorne height's) yeah :)

Is My Chemical Romance an Emo band?

My Chemical Romance is not an Emo Band, they're more of a ROCK BAND like Panic! at the disco. Such as, Me You At Six, is an emo band. People just label MCR as a Emo Group because of the clothes they wear, but that doesn't make them Emo. Fact.-Sophie.

Is the band slipknot a emo band?

No. They are Mallcore

Are Taking Back Sunday emo and does the band want to be called emo?

Most people would consider Taking Back Sunday to be an emo band (as well as a pop-punk and alt-rock band), but it is true that the band members themselves said that they do not consider themselves emo, not because they do not feel that the band has emo elements, but because they think that the band shouldn't be pigeonholed into one genre.

Are black veil brides emo?

No, Black Veil Brides are not an emo band and neither are the band members.

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