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priests, merchants, and artisans

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Q: What were the social classes that made up sumerian society?
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Who made up the three classes in the Sumerian social hierarchy?

Community members made up the three classes in the Sumerian society.

Who made the sumerian social classes?

Community members decided the social classes of the Sumerians

Who made up the top social class in ancient society?

It depends on which society. There were hundreds of ancient societies. Usually the top classes are described as aristocracies. Priestly classes could also be part of the top social layer or even the top class, as with the Hindu Brahmins .

Why were ziggurats important to Sumerian society?

The Ziggurats made up the core of ancient Sumerian religion as they were the main temples to their gods.

Social classes in Maryland in 1700's?

Social classes varied. Most of the people in the classes were made of negro slaves which made up one fourth of the Maryland colony.

What classes made up Incan society and what were their roles?

there classes where the nobls and the commeners

How did each of the four groups of people that made up sumerian society contribute to that society?

nobles, commoners, clients, and slaves

How did specialization lead to social class?

Because social class and specializations are the same objectives. Specializations made the social classes and then developed what they are called "the social classes".-Mr. Andrew Clans-*Historian*

How did advancing technology change Sumerian society?

It changed the sumerians society because the wheel made it faster to get from one place to another and the arches made the city more beautiful

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