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Are they really crows or perhaps grackles? Grackles have been incorrectly called crows in Tx. for as long as I can remember. I have witnessed a group of grackles chasing a hawk away from their nesting site on multiple occasions. The adult birds are quite ferocious when protecting their young. I have also seen the same kind of behavior in mockingbirds, although the hawk is usually pursued by just the male. About two weeks ago in San Marcos TX, I noticed a rather large flock of grackles (not unusual in itself) flying by. The lead birds were diving and flying erratically when I noticed a Coopers hawk flying low and at the head of the flock, with a young grackle in its claws. What amazed me was the sheer number of birds responding to the threat. Crows frequently mob hawks. They are merely to drive the predator away from their territory. In fact, it is very common to see this behavior in crows, more so than any other bird.

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Q: Why are crows often attacking hawks in flight?
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