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Because they didn't like Thriller.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-21 23:51:30
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Q: Why did Michael Jackson disassociate with JW?
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Did Michael Jackson convert to Islam before he died?

Right Jermaine Jackson changed from being a Jehovah's witness to being a Muslim. Michael had nothing to do with it, Michael broke away from being a JW in 1993. Not many people know what he became after. There is a possibility that he became a christian but definitely not a Muslim.

What religon are Michael Jackson's kids?

Michael was raised a JW but in the late80's early 90's he started celebrating birthday and christmas,in '03 he had a catholic baptism for his 3children....either way Michael was a christian and was raising his children christian

Who is the official performer at the swearing in of the president?

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Rebbie Jackson Browne-One of Jehovah's Witnesses?

You mean Michael Jacksons sister? Yes, she is the only one that is still fully in the faith. The others were raised JW's but never baptised

Is Michael Jackson's father a Jehovah's witness?

No, it was his mother that was one. The kids were raised in JW truth but only sister Rebbie has remained faithful to the Truth. The others were never baptised in the faith.

Who is richer Michael Jackson or Oprah?

Oprah and michael Jackson net

Who is more famous Michael Jackson or Adele?

Michael Jackson.......Definatley!

Was Michael Jackson in Bugsy Malone?

Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5 was not in Bugsy Malone, it was another Michael Jackson.

Who was Michael Jackson's doctor?

Michael Jackson's doctor was Dr. Conrad Murray. The doctor was with Michael Jackson before Michael Jackson died

Who is more famous Incredible Hulk or Michael Jackson?

michael jackson by far!

Who sold more records prince or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson of course

How old was Michael Jackson in 1992?

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