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The Five Elements of Hip-Hop: emceeing, deejaying, breakin', graff and beatboxing.

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Can you explain about any of these?
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the 5 elements of hip hop are, B-Boying MC-ing beat boxing DJ-ing Many graffiti created clubs to bring together young people who liked music and its styles so that they could not enter the life of gangs and have people who liked the same styles.
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Lack of education inability to speak the English language a tendency for violence instead of calm rational dialogue the sure knowledge that gun in their hand can let even the scrawniest of people act like a badass and a police record

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Q: The 5 elements of hip hop?
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What are the five elements of hip hop culture?

The Five Elements of Hip Hop are: 1. The emcee, 2. The DJ, 3. B-boys/B-girls 4. Graffiti Art, and most importantly 5. Knowledge.

What are the four elements of hip hop music?

im not sure about "hip-hop music", but the four elements to hip-hop culture are DJing, Emceeing (rapping), Graph writing (graffiti), and B-boying (break dancing).

What are now the four elements of graffiti and hip hop?

the four main elements of hip-hop are rapping, DJ-ing, dance and inspired graffiti art

Is hip hop only about music?

No. The four elements of Hip-Hop are DJing, MCing (rap), graffiti and break dancing.

What are the 4 elements of the hip hop?

They are art, dance, music, and the DJ.

What are the elements of hiphop?

Hip-Hop has 4 elements they are DJs,MCs,Breakdancing and Graph writing

Is it hip hop or hip-hop?

It's more correctly spelled hip-hop.

What is the difference between west coast hip hop and east coast hip hop?

west coast hip hop is more gangsta and use funk and soul to form it beats and have a fertile underground scene,fundamental elements of hip hop while east coast hip hop is more lyrical dexterity,multi-syllabic rhymes,complex word play.

What does hip hop known as?

... hip hop?

How do you get to be hip hop star?

by being hip AND hop by being hip AND hop

Where can one watch hip hop videos online?

One can watch Hip Hop videos online at any of the following places. Smash Beats, Hip Hop Galaxy, World Star Hip-Hop, Hip Hop Connection, Audio Tube Hip hop and Hip Hop Blips to name a few.

How do you say I love hip-hop in Spanish?

I love hip hop translates to Spanish as me encata el hip hop or me amo el hip hop.

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