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Iron filings may or may not be pure. The ones used in experiments with magnets may not be pure iron. Most iron filings may have a few impurities. But iron (Fe) filings that are reagent grade will be very pure iron metal.

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Q: Are iron filings pure iron
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Is iron filings a mixture?

No. Pure iron filings are an element.

Are iron filings a mixture?

Iron filings may be pure elemental iron, it depends on the source of the iron.

Is iron filings a pure substance or a mixture?

pure substance

Is iron filings is mixture or pure substance?

pure substance

Are iron filings a compound mixture or element?

Pure iron filings are an element - iron. (This assumes they are iron filings and not steel filings, because steel contains elements other than iron.) If you expose these filings to air with moisture in it for any length of time, they will soon become iron oxide filings - a compound.

How do you separate iron filings from iron carbonate?

Pure iron filings will be attracted to a magnet; but pieces of iron carbonate will not.

3 examples of pure substances?


Are iron filings pure substance or mixture and is it element-compound-homogeneous or heterogeneous?

They are a pure substance and an element

Are iron filings a compound or element?

compoundIf the iron fillings are pure, they contain only one type of atom (all the atoms have the same number of protons). Thus, the filings would be a sample of the element iron. If the filings are rusty, then they would contain compounds (iron oxides).

What is the chemical name for iron filings?

Iron filings is iron !

Are iron filings a substance or mixture?

Iron filings are a substance.

Why are iron filings used to find the magnetic field when copper filings are not?

Copper filings are not attracted to a magnet, as iron filings are.

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