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yes u can Shoot Fireworks on new years eve its the way of celebriting new Years eve

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โˆ™ 2010-12-31 19:52:48
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Q: Can we shoot fireworks on New Year's Eve?
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Why do people shoot on New Year's Eve?

Well on new years eve people think of loud screaming even I myself screams on new years eve but for some reason every one is always asleep! So they just take a gun or some fireworks and shoot them off. :) Hoped you liked my answer tried my best!! P.S Fireworks are really awesome!! Lol

Can you buy fireworks on Animal Crossing?

You can not buy fireworks but however, you can get them as a New Years gift on New Years eve from Tortimer outside the town hall.

Is it okay to shoot fireworks in the street during New Year's Eve?

no because there are people walking by and you need to have a licence

Are fireworks used on New Years?

Many places hold fireworks displays on New Year Eve (especially major U.S. cities).

Why do people shoot guns on New Year's Eve?

I think people shoot on new years eve because they think they have the ability to harm others for their wrong doing throughout the year

Where are good places to celebrate New Year's Eve other than Times Square?

You can celebrate New Years Eve in Philippines! Werein a lot of fireworks will be displayed.. best place in Philippines will be in SM Mall of Asia... They will be having a very nice Fireworks display at the Eve of New YEar...

Which celebrations are fireworks used for?

New Years Eve/Day, Forth of July, and a couple others that I don't know

How do Uruguay celebrate holidays?

Depends which one. New Years' Eve and Christmas' Eve is celebrated with a family dinner and after midnight most people shoots fireworks.

What should you give your dogs that are afraid of fireworks?

There is nothing you can give them, just keep then in the house when there are a lot of fireworks around (e.g. Bonfire night & New Years Eve)

Where are the fireworks in Vancouver on New Year's Eve 2010?


What are the ratings and certificates for New Year's Eve 2009 Fireworks - 2009 TV?

New Year's Eve 2009 Fireworks - 2009 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

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