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Q: Compare the way amoeba and chlamydomonas move?
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Compare the way amoeba and chlamydomonas eat?

Amoebas eat by wrapping their bodies around their food and chlamydomonas eat by photosynthesis.

How does amoeba respond to its environment?

They usually move out of the way to stay out of danger :P

What does an amoeba do?

An amoeba is a shapeless blob of ''jelly'' that engulfs random objects on its way to know where in particular. Amoeba move by using their pseudopodium which is a "false leg." Amoeba can be harmful or helpful to man-kind and other living things. Amoebas are composed of just one cell. They are protozoans with no fixed shape. Most have no hard parts and look like blobs of jelly. However, some amoebas do build shells. Amoebas move by making part of its body move in the direction it wants to travel. Then slowly the rest of the cell follows. In order to eat an Amoeba flows around other microorganisms and then engulfs them. To reproduce the Amoeba splits itself into two cells.

What is the primary way that the amoeba is different than the sun flower?

The amoeba is an animal, the sunflower is a plant. The amoeba is one-celled, the sunflower is multicelled.

Are bacteria and amoeba similar?

They do have their differences, such as Amoeba digest bacteria, and that they reproduce differently and that bacteria doesn't have a nucleus, but amoeba do. But they are similar in the way that they are both unicellular.

How are protozoans classified?

Protozoans are classified by the way they move. Some have Cilia or Flagella, but the amoeba has an unusual way of moving by stretching it's cytoplasm into finger-like extensions called pseudopodia. The ameba use its cytoplasm to move and eat another cell

What is the best way to remove amoeba in water?


Are ameba's harmful?

amoeba's the single cell organism's are not harmful to humans. Matter of fact you most likely have Millions of amoeba and other single cell organisms living around and inside you at all times. And by the way you spelled amoeba wrong. NOTE TO USER WHO ANSWERED^^^^: You can spell Ameba or Amoeba either way. Ameoba is the common way to spell it.

Why amoeba keep on changing its shape?

Salom! because it moves that way. Amoeba moves around with making false feet, caused to change his shape.

Is a red blood cell more specialized then an amoeba or is it the other way around explain your answer?

Red blood cells are more specialized than an amoeba.

Does amoeba have flagellum?

Amoeba don't have flagella, as they use pseudopodia for locomotion. They reach and pull their way across a surface, while a flagella is more adapted to swimming.

Why is the amoeba the slowest protists?

The amoeba is the slowest protist because it's only way of moving is the shift it's cytoplasm into the pseudopods, which take a long time.

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