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That depends on what the substances are and how they are combined or mixed. Something like ethano and water can be separated by distillation, the process taking only a few minutes, but something like a mixture of uranium-235 hexafluoride and uranium-238 hexafluoride must be split by centrifuge, the process takinf weeks to separate a small amount. Other ways of separating a mixture include melting (if it is a solid) and using density properties; dissolution, decanting and evaporation (where one or more substances are soluble in the given solute and others are not); recrystallisation (normally to remove impurities).

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Q: How do you separate chemical substances?
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Is true or false chemical properties cannot be used to separate substances?


Would you separate substances in a mixture using chemical or physical change?

Physical change.

Which term is used to definr substances that participate in chemical reactions?

In a chemical reaction, two or more substances separate into simpler components and then recombine into other substances. The separation into simpler components usually happens in water and the process is called ionization.

A collection of matter made of substances that stay separate and keep their properties is a?

A physical change, and a chemical change.

How are methods used to separate substance in a mixture physical?

The method of evaporation to separate substances in a mixture is purely physical because no chemical reaction occurs.

What is a way in which chemical properties are used?

Chemical properties can be used for building chemical classifications. They can also be useful to identify an unknown substance or to separate or purify it from other substances.

Are foods substances?

Foods, and the ingredients of foods, may be considered substances. However, more precisely, most are combinations of chemical substances. Ordinary salt (sodium chloride) is a pure substance, while pepper contains numerous chemical compounds, each of which can be considered a separate "substance."

How do substances interact with other substances is known as chemical properties?

Substances interact with other substances by chemical properties

What are chemical substances used in chemical reaction?

These substances are called reactants.

If you had a mixture of 2 substances and had your choice of using a physical or chemical change to separate them which would you prefer?

physical change because a mixture means that the 2 substances are not chemically combined so the 2 substances can be easily separated.

How do you separate insoluble substances from a liquid?

Filtration is the process used to separate insoluble substances from a liquid,

What correctly describes a property of mixtures?

It is composed of at least two substances.

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