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evolutionary tempo characterized by isolated episodes of rapid change between long periods of little or no change.

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Q: How does punctuated equilibrium happen?
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What is punctuated equilibrim?

what is punctuated equilibrium

When was Punctuated Equilibrium - album - created?

Punctuated Equilibrium - album - was created on 2009-01-26.

What causes punctuated equilibrium?

zeological instrument of panther of indigeneous snake can do anything cause the punctuated equilibrium.

Pattern of evolution where a species is stable for a long time then rapidly changes?

punctuated equilibrium

Species rapidly evolving due to changes in a few genes punctuated?

punctuated equilibrium

What is the model for rapid evolution?

Punctuated Equilibrium

What is fast and abrupt evolution?

Punctuated equilibrium.

What pattern is described by the theory of punctuated equilibrium?

The pattern described by the theory of punctuated equilibrium is that bursts of evolutionary activity are followed by long periods of stability.

What cannot be the result of punctuated equilibrium?

extinction and coevolution

What is the punctuated equilibrium hypothesis about?

The punctuated equilibrium hypothesis is a theory that most species have little evolutionary change throughout their geological history. They will remain in a state of stasis.

What is the defference between gradualism and punctuated equilibrium?

Gradualism is when species gradually or slowly change over time. Punctuated equilibrium is when species evolve abruptly over time.

What is the explanation for the pattern known as punctuated equilibrium?

Punctuated equilibrium predicts that a lot of evolutionary change takes place in short periods of time tied to speciation events.

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