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By the integumentary system

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Q: How does the skin help maintain body temperature?
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How does the skin help to maintain a constant internal environment?

the skin help to regulate body temperature

Why do elephants have wrinkled skin?

Wrinkled skin of the elephants help them to maintain the body temperature.

How does the skin help maintain homeostasis?

The skin regulates body temperature. (Sweating, shivering,...)

How does your brain help your body maintain a constant temperature?

Your brain helps your body to maintain a constant temperature by detecting temperature receptors that are found in the skin. Temperature is controlled by the hypothalamus.

What two parts of the skin help maintain body temperature?

It is the epidermis and the dermis.

How does skin help maintain body temperature if you become too warm?

You sweat

Which skin structures help the body maintain the relatively constant body temperature?

maybe it is the part of the cdirculatory system

How does the skin help the body maintain stable internal conditions?

The Role of Temperature Receptors in the Skin. Hypothalamus detects temp fluctuation inside the body/internal environment; Skin receptors detect temperature.

How does the skin help maintain stable internal conditions?

the skin helpthe body maintain homeostasis,or stable internal conditions,by keeping the body temperature steady in spite of changing external conditions...

How does the skin help the body maintain a constant body temperature?

well it helps the skin because inside your body is warm and soft so the temperture goes up

How the skin help maintain the body temperature?

The integumentary system regulates temperature inside the body by insulation, trapping heat inside the body and making it difficult to escape. This is one of the reasons why the human body is normally warm to the touch.

Which structure of integumentary system maintain the body temperature?

the skin

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