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It took Voyager 2 about 9 years to get from Earth to Uranus.

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Q: How long did it take for the Voyager 2 to reach Uranus?
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How long did it take for the Voyager 2 to get to Uranus?

9 and a half years

How long did it take the voyager to travel from Jupiter to Neptune?

just lon enough to get it through uranus :)

How Long Will it take voyager 1 to reach 1 light year?

in 17,535 years.

How long did it take Voyager 2 to reach Neptune?

12 years and 4 days

How long does light from the sun take to reach Uranus?

About 2 and 3/4 hours

How long does it take for sunlight to reach Uranus?

Approximately 160 minutes or 2.666 hours

Traveling at the speed of light how long would it take to travel from earth to Uranus?

Assuming Earth and Uranus were aligned with the Sun, light would take about 2.5 hours to reach Uranus.

Why was voyager 2 sent out before voyager 1?

Voyager 2 was sent out first to allow it to take full advantage of an unusually convenient alignment of the planets allowing it to visit Uranus and Neptune as wellVoyager 1 was launched after voyager 2, but on a faster trajectory which allowed it to reach Jupiter and Saturn before voyager 2.

How long does it take for the sun to reach Uranus?

It takes 159. 6 minutes for light from the sun to reach the planet Uranus. It takes only 3. 2 minutes to reach Mercury and 8. 3 minutes to reach Earth.

How long does it take to travel get to the planet Uranus from the earth?

Voyager took 9 years using a favourable positioning of other planets on the way there.

How long does it take the suns rays to reach Uranus?

The sun rays reach the surface of Uranus when a full year has passed. A year in Uranus is 84.3 earth years. That means that if we were from Uranus, many people would not even experience their first birthday. Only some would have their first birthday.

How long to get to Uranus?

The amount of time it takes to get to Uranus from Earth depends on the route taken. However, Uranus is 1,686,218,347 miles from Earth and it would take somewhere around nine years to reach the planet.

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