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no damage at all!

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Q: How much damage did the Yellowstone volcano cause?
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Is there a volcano in Yellowstone?

Yes. Much of Yellowstone is in the caldera of a supervolcano.

How much damage did Mt Hood's volcano cause?

a lot

How much damage will yellowstone cause if it blows agian?

handful of human race left, if lucky

How much damage did the yellow stone volcano cause?

non theres no yellow stone volcano its fake

How much of Yellowstone does Yellowstone Caldera cover?

About half. It is considered an active super-volcano.

How much damage did Mt Etna's volcano cause?

The most recent eruption caused lots of damage to homes and families.

How much damage did Penguin Island Volcano cause?

i think that the penguin island caused no damage because it is in the middle of nowhere

How much damage did Yellowstone's last eruption cause?

Create a whole cloud containing dust and ash covering the world.

How much damage can a volcano cause to lives?

Depending on the size of the volcano and if the lava is slow or fast. A super volcano could wipe out one quarter or half of the world.

How much damage did Mt Etna's volcano cause 2002?

I don't know I'm asking the question

How much damage does a complex volcano do?

not much, the volcano type that does he worst damage is the composite/strato volcano. The composite and strato volcano are the same types just different names.

How much local damage will yellow stone super volcano cause when it erupts?

it will cause a lot of local damage like destroying homes & people's lives & where they live. it can destroy habitats of those animals that live around the volcano zone.

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